Audit & Assurance Services

Being a market leader, it is our responsibility to deliver real value to our clients’ business. We understand their needs and work towards building relationships in order to prepare them for a better future.

Audit Services

AWMC audits work towards providing extensive benefits to their clients. We help to make an apparent difference and stay updated on the advancements to use them for a better approach. Our management team focuses on creating an understanding to deliver solutions for the potential issues our clients are likely to face.

Why you need the services?

Because our clients are controlled constituent, either by joining or through protections enrollment for exchanging purposes.

How we can support you

• Compliance with guidelines
• Advice on controls and handling framework insufficiencies and shortcomings
• Confirmation of bookkeeping medicines in regard of complex exchanges
• Increased consciousness of forthcoming bookkeeping and administrative changes
• Independent survey of remotely announced monetary and other data.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the AWMC office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Financial Accounting

For all associations requiring a strong accounting counsel, an expert is needed. AWMC has the range and ability to improve accounting detailing. We provide services including training and development for the execution of our clients’ accounting plan.

Potential Issues

• A troublesome specialized accounting issue that you can’t address in-house
• Having a little money work and would see the value in help from monetary announcing subject matter experts
• Need for staying up to date with the latest improvements in financial reporting

How we can support you

• By helping you settle complex issues and giving dependable and master exhortation, direction, training and support devices
• Work on the nature of your monetary reporting by fostering the information and skill of your in-house finance work
• Save time by having a scope of great financial reporting devices and direction readily available.

Risk Assurance

The world is changing at a fast pace and creating extensive spectrum of risks. Our Risk Assurance assist our clients in accomplishing their objectives. Our Risk Assurance, having over 300 skilled resources, spread across 16 offices and 11 countries in the Middle East execute these tasks. Through expert guidance and technical ability, we move towards a proactive approach to deliver our services including: Business control, Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk and Technology and Business resilience.

Internal Audit

Where organizations are facing new and complex risks, AWMC benefits from the opportunities that rise form it. We analyze the opportunities and reinforce our client’s business by fetching the insights about potential risks. We critically deliver reassurance to their multiple stakeholders and become a valuable partner.

Internal Audit Co-sourcing

• To fulfill the internal audit functions, provides staff to identify the gaps
• Deliver individual internal audits which matches the internal audit methodology of our clients
• Delivery of experts to the internal audit function related to the subject matter when required

Consultation Services

• Establishing an internal audit function with consultation services supporting the internal audit and module transformation
• Implementation of audit management system and selection
• AWMC Internal Audit Planning Methodology application to extent the internal audit function

Internal Audit Outsourcing

• Fully outsourcing the internal audit service including the Head of Internal Audit
• Planning, executing and reporting of the internal audit work based the Methodology of AWMC Internal Audit

External Audit Outsourcing

• In compliance to the IIA standards assessment of the internal audit function
• Evaluation of an internal audit function alongside primary practices of high performing internal audit functions and co-sourcing services

Client Training

• Internal audit function training courses that are shaped accordingly
• Internal Audit coaching Head